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I've booked! What happens now?

Congratulations and thanks for booking your Self Guided Tour with us.

Ready to fly and booked a trip of a lifetime, now what?

We'd like to assure you that we feel honoured that you've entrusted us with the job of planning your motorcycle vacation. We want most of all the re-assure you that our aim is to provide you with one of the best vacations you'll ever experience, and one you'll have pleasant memories of for the rest of your life.

Now what happens?

At a quick guess, you're probably wondering what happens now that you've handed over your deposit and credit card details to a bunch of people 12,000 miles away..... Right? :-)

Hopefully you've learnt a little about us in the pre-purchase build up and an element of trust and familiarity has already began to build. This is an essential element - one that allows us to confidently make plans and decisions on your behalf as we plan your trip. At some stages you may not hear from us for weeks at a time. Please don't think that this means we've forgotten about you or that we're avoiding contacting you. We are a small but busy family business and at times are forced by workload and deadlines for other clients arriving before you to adopt a "head down - bum up " position and concentrate on meeting and keeping our promises to a number of clients.

We've listed below a Timeline showing the critical points involved in the planning and fulfillment of a Self Guided Tour

Step One: The Booking Phase - generally 3 to 9 months prior to arrival.

Step Two: The Itinerary Planning & Pre-Preparation Phase - within 2 weeks of our receiving your booking.

Step Three: We begin detailed preparation of your itinerary.

Step Four: 3 months prior to your arrival - Tour Fare Balance becomes due and we email you the Itinerary Outline and Tour Fare Balance, and payment instructions.

Step Five: The Impatient Champing At The Bit Stage

A couple of additional but important points to consider

Copyright Issues.

Final Checklist

This list represents the steps your part in the Self-Guided Tour process:

1. Completed Online Booking and pay Tour Deposit?
2. Online Rental Contract completed?
3. Read/Downloaded our What To Bring List?
4. Sent us your international and domestic flight details? Normally we'd hope to receive this with your Booking Form
5. Received your itinerary outline and pre-post tour arrangements, pickup info etc.? Normally sent to you 3 months prior to your tour start date at the same time the tour fare balance is due.
6. Made Final Tour Fare Payment? 3 months prior to your Self-Guided Tour start date, or when the Tour At A Glance is sent to you.
7. Practiced your U-turns? If you normally drive on the right ( US, Europe etc) you'll do yourself a favour if you practice right hand U-turns, like we do.
8. Arranged Travel Insurance? Highly recommended. Strongly recommended, Highly Strongly recommended in fact. Ask us for a quote.
9. Left a copy of your Tour At A Glance with a family member or work colleague? Unless you don't want them to be able to get hold of you, of course... :-)

If you have any additional questions, please, just fire 'em off by email and we'll get right back.


John, Nicola, Scott and the rest of the team.